Bud Grant funeral: Loved ones remember his life and legacy

Bud Grant excelled as a coach. He aided the Vikings in four Super Bowl appearances. Also, he won 11 divisional championships. On March 11, he passed away. At 95 years old, he was. On Saturday, many people attended his funeral. They were complimentary to him. They discussed his life and career. At U.S. Bank Stadium in May, Bud Grant’s loved ones, friends, and teammates will throw a tremendous celebration for him. His name is mentioned along with the other Viking stories. Instead of flowers, the family prefers cash donations for two organizations. These organizations support veterans and Vikings. In this article, we will discuss Bud Grant funeral, his life, family, and many more thing. 

A good man to his family and friends

Bud Grant’s son Mike spoke at the funeral. He said his dad was a good man. He loved his family and friends. Bud Grant also loved the Vikings and Minnesota.

Mike claimed that his father had taught him a lot. For example, he taught him how to respect people, hunt, fish, and play sports. He described his father as sincere, compassionate, and giving. Money or fame didn’t matter to him. Instead, he had a heart for people.

Mike also expressed his gratitude to his father for always supporting him and for being proud of him.

He continually professed his love for me. He frequently expressed his pride in me. Moreover, Mike remarked, “He constantly assured me I could accomplish anything I wanted to do.”

A good leader for his players

At the burial, some of Bud Grant’s players also spoke. He was praised as a capable leader. Bud Grant improved both their character and their play. He didn’t scream or curse at them. Bud Grant gave them winning strategies.

He had Jim Marshall as one of his players. Jim Marshall spent 15 seasons playing with Bud Grant. He claimed Bud Grant was skilled at bringing out the best in each player.

Bud had a response for everything, so it was always enjoyable to discuss various topics with him, Marshall remarked.

Additionally, Bud Grant, according to Marshall, taught him how to lead, act professionally, and be a gentleman.

“He showed me how to take responsibility for my actions. He showed me how to treat my opponents with respect. Fran Tarkenton showed me how to be gracious in defeat and modest in success,” Marshall remarked.

Fran Tarkenton was another of his players. He excelled as a quarterback. He produced a video for the wake. Fran Tarkenton claimed Bud Grant was responsible for everything. Fran Tarkenton claimed that he had never had a coach like him.

Tarkenton noted, “He not only improved me as a player, but also as a person.”

Furthermore, Tarkenton added that Bud Grant served as both a buddy and a mentor for him in addition to being a coach.

“He never failed to support me when I needed him. He always offered me wise counsel. Fran Tarkenton always supported me in everything I did,” Tarkenton said.

A legend in Minnesota sports

Bud Grant was active in Minnesota athletics in various ways. In the 1950s, he participated in basketball and football. He is a member of two Halls of Fame. He spent 18 years as the Vikings’ coach. Bud Grant garnered many victories and awards.

He is one of the all-time great coaches. Moreover, he is one of the most adored figures in Minnesota athletics. In May, a sizable celebration for him will be placed at U.S. Bank Stadium.

A video on Bud Grant’s life and career was shown as the service came to a close. It included him engaging in tutoring, playing, and socializing with his loved ones. The soundtrack for the video was “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, which was appropriate given Bud Grant’s life and career.


Bud Grant was a great coach, a good man, and a legend in Minnesota sports. He died at 95, but he left a lasting impact on his family, friends, players, and fans. He will be remembered and honored for his life and his work.

By Ruben D

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