Irving desires that LeBron James join him on the Mavericks.

LeBron James and Kyrie Irving, two of the most talented and influential NBA players, have a history of playing together. Irving, who plays for the Dallas Mavericks, has stated that he would like to play with LeBron James again. This article discusses Irving’s desire for LeBron to sign with the Mavericks, the implications of such a move, its benefits and drawbacks, the potential performance boost LeBron could provide for the Mavericks, the marketing opportunities that would arise, and the excitement that such a possibility would generate.

A troubled past

Kyrie Irving and LeBron James have a complicated relationship. They won a championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016, but Irving demanded a trade the following year because he was unhappy with James’ leadership. They had a tense relationship, but they appeared to have reconciled in recent years.

A possible reunion

Irving reportedly attempts to persuade James to join him on the Dallas Mavericks, where he was traded last season from the Brooklyn Nets. Irving is set to become a free agent this summer, and he has stated that he wants to re-sign with the Mavericks regardless of whether or not James is available. On the other hand, James has a contract with the Los Angeles Lakers until 2025, with a player option for the final year. When the Denver Nuggets defeated the Los Angeles Lakers in the Western Conference Finals, he had just finished his 20th NBA season.

Rumor sources

Irving has contacted James to see if he would be interested in coming to Dallas, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic and Chris Haynes of Bleacher Report/TNT. The Mavericks were also planning to make an offer for James last season when the Lakers were struggling, but they could not do so because the Lakers made some trades at the deadline that improved their situation. 

A slim chance

However, for various reasons, James joining Irving and Luka Doncic on the Mavericks is a long shot.

Trade stumbling blocks

First, James was not eligible to be traded last season because he signed an extension with the Lakers in the offseason. Second, even if he wanted to be sold this summer, the Mavericks would prefer to give up more time to match his $46.9 million salary rather than jeopardize their roster or give up valuable assets.

Considerations of both personal and professional

Third, James has personal and professional reasons to stay in Los Angeles, including his son Bronny, who will start college at USC next season, and his Hollywood ventures.

Several scenarios

This rumor could be a way for Irving and James to pressure the Lakers to pursue Irving in a sign-and-trade deal this summer. That scenario, however, is unlikely because the Lakers have shown little interest in Irving and have other priorities, such as retaining free agents Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura. Furthermore, bringing Irving to the Lakers would present the same problems as getting him to the Mavericks, including a lack of depth, fit issues, and luxury tax implications.

A possible result

As a result, while Irving and James may still be in love and want to play together again, they are unlikely to reunite with the Mavericks or any other team next season. They will almost certainly have to settle for being friends and rivals rather than teammates.


This article addresses the rumor that Kyrie Irving wants to play with LeBron James on the Dallas Mavericks next season. First, it explains their complicated past. Secondly, it discusses the possibility of reuniting. Thirdly, it analyzes the slim chance of success. Lastly, it predicts the likely outcome. In conclusion, this rumor is dismissed as unreal and unlikely. Therefore, Irving and James will be on different teams next season.


Q1: Is LeBron James’ decision to join the Mavericks finalized?

LeBron James has not confirmed that he will join the Mavericks. Kyrie Irving’s desire for LeBron to join him fuels his passion for a reunion.

Q2: How would LeBron James’ arrival affect Luka Doni’s status with the Mavericks?

Adding LeBron James would maintain Luka Doni’s importance to the Mavericks. It could provide Doni with a priceless opportunity to learn from one of the best NBA players in history and hone his skills.

Q3: What challenges would the Mavericks face to free up cap space for LeBron?

To free up enough cap space for LeBron’s salary, the Mavericks would have to take calculated risks, such as trading players or renegotiating contracts. The team’s long-term goals are to guide these decisions.

Q4: Will LeBron and Irving’s reunion help the Mavericks win?

While the Mavericks’ chances of winning a championship would improve significantly if they reunited, championship success in the NBA requires skill, cooperation, and favorable circumstances. The staff would collaborate on it.

Q5: What effects would LeBron have on the Mavericks’ young players?

The young Mavericks players would greatly benefit from LeBron’s leadership and mentoring. His expertise, work ethic, and championship mindset would allow them to learn from him, which hastened their development.

By Ruben D

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