Kroos stays at Real Madrid for one more year

He is a German player who plays in the middle

Real Madrid announced that Toni Kroos will play for them for one more year. He will extend his contract until 2024. At 33 years old, he is one of the most experienced players in the team. He is from Germany and he joined Madrid in 2014. Since then, he helped them win many trophies. He won four European cups and three Spanish cups with the club.

In 2021, Kroos decided to stop playing for the national team. For Madrid, he made 417 appearances and scored 23 goals. He stated that he is content to play for another season. He added that he adores the team and the supporters.

“I’m excited to continue playing for Real Madrid for another year. I have spent seven years here. I enjoy the fans, the city, and the team. I want to help this team win more championships. I appreciate the club’s support and confidence. I hope we can continue to enjoy ourselves,” Kroos remarked.

Madrid want Kroos to stay with them

Kroos wants to remain with Madrid. In the midfield, they have a lot of talented players. They paid a lot of money to purchase Jude Bellingham from another club. They also have Martin Odegaard, Federico Valverde, Casemiro, and Luka Modric.

A new boss will be used by Kroos. The man is called Carlo Ancelotti. In June, he arrived in Madrid. In 2014, Kroos was lured to Madrid by him. He said he was glad to work with Kroos once more because he is a terrific player.

“Kroos is a fantastic athlete. He is among the best there is. He is quite intelligent, skilled, and experienced. Both on and off the pitch, he is a leader. He is crucial to our group. He will play for us for another year, which makes me glad. I’m eager to collaborate with him once more,” Ancelotti remarked.

Kroos contributed greatly to Real Madrid.

Since his arrival in 2014, Kroos has performed admirably for Real Madrid. With the club, he won 16 major cups, including four European, three World, three European, and three Spanish.

For his play, he also received numerous accolades. He participated in the best teams in the world four times (from 2016 to 2019), as well as the best teams in Europe three times (from 2016 to 2018). He twice (in 2017 and 2018) was the top German player playing outside of Germany.

Kroos also showed kindness to others, particularly ailing children. He attended events, gave his items away for cash, and visited children in hospitals.

Kroos’ plans and hopes for the future

Kroos declared he would cease playing for Real Madrid when his deal expired in 2024. After his playing career is over, he stated that he does not want to play for another team or return to Germany.

He added that before he retires from playing, he wants to help Madrid win more championships. The best and most difficult cup to win, in his opinion, is the one in Europe, where he claimed he wants to win another cup.

“I have a specific objective: I want to reclaim the cup for Europe. The best and most difficult cup to win. To win it, you must put in a lot of effort and luck. I want to win it five times after winning it four times. That’s what I hope. 

In addition, Kroos stated his desire to have a positive impact at Real Madrid and stand out as one of the greatest players the team has ever produced. He expressed his gratitude for his opportunities at Madrid and his pride in his efforts.

“I hope that after I quit competing, people will remember me as a great Real Madrid player who gave his all for the team and contributed significantly to their several championship victories. I aim to contribute to this club’s history and earn the respect and approval of others. I want that,” Kroos declared.


Toni Kroos has signed a one-year contract extension at Real Madrid, which will keep him at the club until 2024. He is a German midfielder who has been one of the best players for Madrid since he joined in 2014. He has won many trophies with the club and has been praised by his new boss Carlo Ancelotti. He said he is happy to stay at Madrid and he wants to win more titles with the team. He also said he hopes to leave a legacy at the club and be remembered as one of the greatest players in its history.

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