Justin Bieber is not dead

According to some, Justin Bieber passed away in a car accident in 2023. However, this is untrue. He is sound and alive. When they learned the truth, fans were delighted. The website Vairal Story 93 published the bogus story. It said that a car accident killed Justin Bieber, according to reports. They added that he passed away in a Las Vegas hotel room. However, they had no supporting evidence for these claims. The website also featured images of Justin Bieber with the words “RIP” written on them. However, these images were fake. The website contended that other well-known people also perished. In this article, we will discuss Justin Bieber is not dead, the news viral on websites is fake, and how his fans feel.

How did fans feel?

The fake news made the fans of Justin Bieber sad and scared. But they soon learned the truth and felt relieved. They also got angry at the website that lied.

Many fans went on Twitter to say how they felt. They used #JustinBieberDead to make fun of the fake news and show their love for the singer.

Here are some comments made by fans:

  • I detest those who spread false information regarding Justin Bieber’s passing. He is well and alive. This insanity must end. #JustinBieberDead
  • The website that published this untruth must be shut down. Justin Bieber is still living. He deserves recognition because he is one of the top singers in the world. #JustinBieberDead
  • When I noticed the hashtag #JustinBieberDead trending, I nearly had a heart attack. God willing, it’s not true. I, along with many others, find so much inspiration in him. Thank you, JB.
  • This is awful and disrespectful. Justin Bieber is in good health and living. He has been through a lot, but he is still resilient. Don’t hate and stop lying. #JustinBieberDead

What is Justin Bieber doing now?

Justin Bieber is alive and well and he had a great birthday with his family and friends. JB shared pictures from his birthday party on Instagram.

Along with his wife, Hailey Bieber, other well-known guests included Billie Eilish, Jaden Smith, Kid Laroi, Leon Bridges, Bernard Harvey, and Don Toliver.

JB also made headlines for other things. He put an end to his Justice globe tour due to a facial issue. He did not provide a reason for ending the tour.

JB had to take a sabbatical from touring since his face was not functioning properly, and he informed his followers of this on Instagram in June 2022. He claimed that he was unable to move one side of his face.

He took a while to recover and spoke with his family and doctors. Then he resumed his European tour.

In October 2022, he also created a brand-new song named “Ghost” in memory of his deceased friend Juice WRLD. The song was well-liked by the public.

With more than 200 million Instagram followers and more than 60 million YouTube subscribers, Justin Bieber is one of the greatest and most well-known musicians of all time. He has received numerous honors and accolades for his songs, including a Guinness World Record, two Grammy Awards, 23 Billboard Songs Awards, 21 MTV Europe Music Awards, 15 American Music Awards, and 15 American Music Awards.

Additionally, he supports a wide range of individuals and causes, including those related to mental health awareness, education, healthcare, animal rights, and the environment.

He is working on his seventh album now, and he plans to release it in 2023.


Popular and gifted singer Justin Bieber enjoys a large following. He may not be living, but he is well and alive. He did not actually pass away in a car accident, despite what a website said in a bogus news article. The fans felt offended and infuriated by the falsehood, but many of them found relief in the truth. Justin Bieber has been extremely busy with his music and tour, but he has also experienced some facial health issues. He is putting in a lot of effort, giving back, and anticipating the release of his new album in 2023. Justin Bieber is a wonderful person and a talented musician.

By Ruben D

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